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From: Arun Majumdar <arun@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 15:27:32 -0500
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Hi,    (01)

I want to throw in a general reference to review the Theory of 
Instituions {Joseph Goguen}  (which I have mentioned before, but not 
received any comment) --- all the various ontologies (large or small) 
will have an implicit logical form and we need to interoperate by 
getting traction through an inter-theory and I believe Institutions can 
supply as much as they have been successful elsewhere --- so in that 
regards, we may wish to maintain lighter but more diverse ontologies yet 
have bigger ones in specialized domains.    (02)

I am not committed to large or small per se but to the issues of 
characterzing interoperability (in the large) while trying to find a way 
to determine what *balance* of terms/concepts/ontologies in some for of 
metric is optimal --- this is a hard problem --- but I think some of the 
category theoretic work goes some ways to addressing these issues and 
helping to determine when an ontology can and may be extended without 
bundling it as a "single" hub but as diverse smaller hubs.    (03)

Again, for all my thought is to look at Theory of Institutions as an 
adjunct to our ongoing discussions.    (04)

Thanks,    (05)

-Arun    (06)

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