Open Forum on Developing a Practical Guide to Federal Service Oriented Architecture (PGFSOA)    (3DLC)

This is an activity of the Services Subcommittee and the Governance Subcommittee of the Architecture and Infrastructure Committee of the Federal CIO Council    (3G78)

Objective    (3DOZ)

To advance shared understanding of SOA potentials and realities in the Federal setting through open, collaborative development of a Practical Guide to Federal SOA.    (3DR2)

Open Organizing Process    (3DP0)

To meet the objective, this Open Forum has been established together with eight authoring teams. All activities support open development and documentation principles. The wiki pages for the 8 authoring teams' are available here:    (3DR3)

1. PgfSOA_DriversAndRationale [pgfsoa-drivers]    (3DP3)

2. PgfSOA_ExecutiveSupportAndSOAGovernance [pgfsoa-govern]    (3DP4)

3. PgfSOA_AdoptionAndManagement [pgfsoa-mgt]    (3DP5)

4. PgfSOA_EnterpriseArchitecture [pgfsoa-ea]    (3DP6)

5. PgfSOA_InfraStructure [pgfsoa-infra]    (3DP7)

6. PgfSOA_ServiceDeliveryAndComposition [pgfsoa-delivery]    (3DP8)

7. PgfSOA_OtherManagementProcesses [pgfsoa-process]    (3DP9)

8. PgfSOA_SecureSOA [pgfsoa-secure]    (3DPA)

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Please note that all discussions go to an "open" html archive (i.e. open to everyone who has access to the web, including crawlers, and therefore, normal precautions and netiquette apply.    (3DQY)

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