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Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 06:03:31 -0700
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Hi All,    (01)

+1    (02)

I read Brand's notification message, but had 
other commitments, specifically the Ontolog Forum 
members' call in which I was committed to start 
finishing up the planning for a face-to-face 
meeting and day-long workshop at the 9th Protégé 
International Conference July 23, 2006.    (03)

Oddly enough, and unrelated to the SOA4EGov 
planning, I suggested an SOA Reference 
Architecture collateral session at Stanford 
Research Institute International's Artificial 
Intelligence Center, reciprocating for their 
willingness to host a social tour of the SRI AI 
facility and the Cognitive Assistant that Learns 
and Observes (CALO) Project as an adjunct to the 
workshop during the Protégé Conference Week. I 
will be asking the chair of the OASIS SOA-RM-RA 
Subcommittee, who works at Fujitsu in Sunnyvale 
if he would like to give this session, so it 
occurred to me that this session, in which I 
would assist as a planner in order to add an 
ontological framework to it, could easily be 
adapted to the 2nd SOA4EGov Theme Farrukh 
proposes.    (04)

That's my first serendipity for the day. My 
second serendipity is that OASIS is planning a 
Joint OASIS-ITU Conference on Emergency Alerting 
in Geneva, Switzerland Oct. 19-20, to which I am 
working to develop a sponsor to send the same 
Semantic Interoperability/Service-Oriented 
Architecture Pilot group that presented at the 
1st SOA4EGov Conference, highlighting the 
ebXML/UDDI Web Services Registry for the 
Emergency Management and Health Informatics 
domains, utilizing OASIS CAP and EDXL DE 
specification standards. So, without much extra 
effort, I suspect we could field another, more 
advanced demonstration and presentation, or 
simply present the interop demo we will be 
developing further this summer. That would fall 
under Federated Information Management/Cross 
Enterprise Data Sharing.    (05)

If I can manage it, I will also suggest a demo of 
the CALO for SOA Governance and Maintenance, as 
long as I don't have to work on it, since my own 
time is maxed out, and then some. :-D    (06)

Rex    (07)

>Lomow, Greg wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>One of the action items from the June 8th SOA 
>>CoP Conference Call was to begin planning for 
>>the recently announced Second SOA for 
>>E-Government Conference (scheduled for October 
>>30-31, 2006).
>>As part of the planning process, we are 
>>interested in hearing your suggestions for the 
>>theme of the conference.
>Here is a quick braindump to contribute....
>Conference Theme: "Towards Dynamic Metadata Driven SOA"
>Topics could include:
>-Federated Information Management / Cross Enterprise Data Sharing
>-Vocabulary Management
>-Role of Ontologies to annotate Information
>-Managing and Governance of Service Artifacts (WSDL, Schema, BPEL)
>>If you have any suggestions for the Conference 
>>Theme please post them to the SOA CoP mailing 
>>list (soa-forum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) or you can send 
>>them directly to me 
>>We are also interested in hearing your 
>>suggestions for Conference Tracks and Session 
>>*) Typically a session is comprised of 3 or 4 
>>related talks that are scheduled together, and 
>>the duration of a single session is usually 2-3 
>>*) Typically a conference track is comprised of 
>>several sessions and might extend over both 
>>days of the conference.
>>If you have any suggestions for Conference 
>>Tracks or Session Topics please post them to 
>>the SOA CoP mailing list 
>>(soa-forum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) or you can send them 
>>directly to me (greg.lomow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).
>>We are planning on having a meeting at the end 
>>of June to finalize the Conference Theme, the 
>>Conference Tracks, and the Session Topics.
>>Cheers, Greg
>>SOA CoP Co-Chair (interim)
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>>Architecture Group | PSSG * | * BearingPoint
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>>message, any attachments, and any copies 
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