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RE: [ontac-forum] Neutrality Principle

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Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 16:05:04 +0100
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At 02:22 PM 11/28/2005, you wrote:
>This is the way I have started to approach context; Contextual statements
>can be made, for example, OWL-Full by allowing statements about statements.
>Given a class of context and an instance "car" we would have statements
>about "steering wheel".  "steering wheel" and associated axioms are "in the
>context of" "car" (none exclusively).  The same relation would hold for
>statements in the context of "Cyc" (Or some Cyc microtheory).  A computation
>done outside of the context of Cyc would then not include those statements.
>In the problems I was facing in merging forms of expression for
>architectures as well as for expressing the often conflicting architectures
>them selves (and reasoning about them), context seems necessary.  It also
>seems necessary for extremely common concepts.    (01)

For example?    (02)

>  It would also seem a way to
>get around the inevitable "single truth" conflicts and arguments that arise
>when all things are absolutely true all the time.    (03)

My suspicion is that it is a too easy way (analogous to the 
teenager's cry "Well, it's true for ME").    (04)

BS     (05)

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