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Re: [ontac-forum] Neutrality Principle

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Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 14:25:00 -0500
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Rick,    (01)

I'm glad that you like the approach.    (02)

 > No one's excluded, but who's on your short list of invitees?    (03)

First of all, Cyc has been around longer and has amassed a
larger ontology than any other system on earth.  It's better
to bring the elephant inside than to let it run around loose.    (04)

Second, WordNet has been extremely influential, partly
because it's freely available and partly because it is
sufficiently underspecified that people can add anything
they want.   George Miller is eighty-ish, but when I last
saw him, he was still "spry", as they say.  But I'd suggest
that his second in command, Christiane Fellbaum, be included.    (05)

Third, Mark Musen and Barry Smith have the charter for the
ontology centers.  I am suspicious of Barry because he is
very political and tries to make power grabs.  Both should
be included for political reasons, but it would be best
to keep either one from getting control of the project.    (06)

Then there are several projects that were started under the
SUO Working Group, of which Jim Schoening was (and still is)
the chairman.  Unfortunately, none of those projects have
ever worked together successfully.  It would be reasonable
to invite all of those projects to participate, but with the
understanding that the desired result is a merger rather than
a win for any single effort.    (07)

Since Mitre does not have a major ontology candidate of its own
and since they started the ONTAC effort, that would be neutral
turf where all the players could get together on an equal footing.    (08)

If you got all of the above together, nobody else would want to
be left out, and they'd start beating down the door to get in.    (09)

John    (010)

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