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Date: Sat, 8 Oct 2005 22:50:27 -0400
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ONTACWG:  Common Semantic Model Working Group    (01)

One of the sub-working groups of ONTACWG that was formed at the Oct.
5th meeting was the Common Semantic Model (COSMO) Working Group
(COSMO-WG, until a better name is suggested).  There were a number at
the meeting who did not indicate an interest in participating in the
subgroup who will look into the issues of what Common Semantic Model to
adopt, and how to do it; so I would suggest that these discussion be
conducted by email among the subgroup, rather than by email to the
whole list.  But the discussions will be open, and if anyone wants to
just lurk and listen to the email discussions about the Common Semantic
Model send a note to myself or the list, and your name will be added to
the circulation list for those notes.    (02)

We have begun to discuss how to approach the question of deciding on a
COSMO, so if you have any interest in participating, please let me know
ASAP.  Members may join or leave at any time, but we will want to make
some progress as soon as possible, and some decisions may have to be
made soon.     (03)

Current members of the WG are: 
Eric Peterson; Dagobert Soergel; Roy Roebuck; Olivier Bodenreider; Pat
Cassidy; Antoinette Arsic; James Schoening; Gary Berg-Cross; Adam Pease    (04)

If your name is not on this list and you want to participate or listen
in, send me a note.  There is one remote participant who indicated an
interest, but the name was not clear over the telephone; please let me
know who you are.    (05)

Pat    (06)

Patrick Cassidy
MITRE Corporation
260 Industrial Way
Eatontown, NJ 07724
Mail Stop: MNJE
Phone: 732-578-6340
Cell: 908-565-4053
Fax: 732-578-6012
Email: pcassidy@xxxxxxxxx    (07)

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