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Re: [ontac-forum] COSMO Working Group -- sign up!

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From: "Smith, Barry" <phismith@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 08 Oct 2005 23:19:43 -0400
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I will be happy to participate.
Barry    (01)

At 10:50 PM 10/8/2005, you wrote:
>ONTACWG:  Common Semantic Model Working Group
>One of the sub-working groups of ONTACWG that was formed at the Oct.
>5th meeting was the Common Semantic Model (COSMO) Working Group
>(COSMO-WG, until a better name is suggested).  There were a number at
>the meeting who did not indicate an interest in participating in the
>subgroup who will look into the issues of what Common Semantic Model to
>adopt, and how to do it; so I would suggest that these discussion be
>conducted by email among the subgroup, rather than by email to the
>whole list.  But the discussions will be open, and if anyone wants to
>just lurk and listen to the email discussions about the Common Semantic
>Model send a note to myself or the list, and your name will be added to
>the circulation list for those notes.
>We have begun to discuss how to approach the question of deciding on a
>COSMO, so if you have any interest in participating, please let me know
>ASAP.  Members may join or leave at any time, but we will want to make
>some progress as soon as possible, and some decisions may have to be
>made soon.
>Current members of the WG are:
>Eric Peterson; Dagobert Soergel; Roy Roebuck; Olivier Bodenreider; Pat
>Cassidy; Antoinette Arsic; James Schoening; Gary Berg-Cross; Adam Pease
>If your name is not on this list and you want to participate or listen
>in, send me a note.  There is one remote participant who indicated an
>interest, but the name was not clear over the telephone; please let me
>know who you are.
>Patrick Cassidy
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