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Re: [soa-demo] Outcome metrics on the SOA demos

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Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 16:46:18 -0600
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Rex,    (01)

Thanks for the discussion.  The PowerPoint    (02)    (03)

has some useful information.    (04)

The SOA RM (reference model) is very well done.    But this PowerPoint also
makes the case that IT infrastructure is locked into legacy systems based on
intentional non-interoperability and proprietary solutions designed to gain
monopolies over future federal funding.  My gosh, it is almost the end of
2007.  We are still barely where almost anyone would have imaged in 1995 we
would be in 2000.  It is shameful, and the IT procurement model is precisely
to blame.    (05)

If anything the forces for non-interoperability have become more entrenched.    (06)

The document    (07)    (08)

seems to be as close as I have found describing an emergency response
scenario.    (09)

You said:    (010)

"    (011)

Unfortunately, we did not record, nor would a recording adequately
show the implementation demonstration of the alerting network which
was also conducted as part of the first SOA for E-Government
Conference."    (012)

<end quote>    (013)

>From all that is available (anywhere publicly) there does not seem to be the
kind of demonstration of anything by the CIO Council sponsorship.    (014)

What is observable is a surface behavior that hides other behaviors, many of
them dedicated to maintaining a status quo.    (015)

This is not a problem localized to the US Federal CIO Council, of course.    (016)

For example the OASIS blueprint adoption work that started over a year ago
still has literally no public resources that one might have expected to
exist after a period of more than one year.  And the W3C is so busy
generating BS that they do not have any possibility of making a breakthrough
(none is needed, they might claim).    (017)

The fact is that the US Federal CIO Council does not accelerate any deep
innovation of the type that is needed by our society, due to a larger social
conflict that has developed over the issue of transparency.    (018)

To not acknowledge the role of the US Federal CIO council in maintaining a
monopoly over IT infrastructure is to not acknowledge one of the major
features of this Administration, this Congress and our reaction to the New
War.    (019)

To see beyond the current entrenchment, is to place profound challenges that
the US government is not prepared to face as yet.    (020)

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Subject: Re: [soa-demo] Outcome metrics on the SOA demos    (021)

Colleagues,    (022)

Pardon my belated reply. Our group is concentrating on other
opportunities at this time, including a possible demonstration of the
pilot project at the  Joint ITU-T/ OASIS Workshop and Demonstration
of Advances in ICT Standards for Public Warning, Geneva, 19-20
October 2006.    (023)    (024)

Since some of the participants in our collaboratory will be attending
this event, it was not feasible for us to mount a second effort in
the same preparatory time frame in order for us to participate in
this second SOA for E-Government Conference.    (025)

Here is a link to the presentation we gave.    (026)    (027)

Unfortunately, we did not record, nor would a recording adequately
show the implementation demonstration of the alerting network which
was also conducted as part of the first SOA for E-Government
Conference.    (028)
rnmentConference_2006_2_0910#nid31LS    (029)

We realize  this is not the same as rigorous write-up of scientific
experiment, however, we are focused on the implementation of rapid
first response more than SOA per se, though several of us also
participate in the OASIS SOA Reference Model Technical Committee. We
all have our limitations, and these are the choices we have made.    (030)

Also, we are actively pursuing a course that will put the pilot
prototype network, Web Services Registry for the domains of Emergency
Management and Health Informatics, applications, and other
participant services of the collaboratory group into operational
production status.    (031)

Thanks for the interest, and we hope to have more time available for
a third SOA for E-Goverment Conference.    (032)

Wishing you all the best,
Rex    (033)

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