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Is there a wiki page for the Emergency Response Demo, particularily a page or number of pages that gives the kind of detail that one would expect eventually would be developed?
In particular, there may be a detailed scenario description and the list of all services, with standard formate for convaying specificdata objects between processes. 
There may be a published standard for core data objects, a registry and repository of service definitions, as well as demonstration of service discovery and the orchestration of service responses.
I have to admit that I have not followed the demo development for months.  The demo discussions and processes started (May, 2006?)
What I was interested in was how service discovery would be developed.   If, in an emergency, required services are not available from a standard set of data objects and interfaces, how would a required service (one that was not in the standard core but absolutely necessary in the emergery response) be identified/measured.
The OASIS BCM (business centric methdology) and SOA Blueprints specifications have a process model for the aggregation of new service defintion in real time.  Was this process model used in the Emergency Response demo, and if not how are the issue of novelty addressed?
I approach the modeling of event space using the notion of natural category.  As recently suggested, there are two types of natural category, natural category that is stable and natural category that emerges as part of natural processes. 
Services may be defined as transactions in a natural category space, where the transactions have charaterisitic event chains.   Web-services and "natural services" then are reflections of each other; sometimes these reflections have high fidality and sometimes they do not. 
Does any of the demos specifically address the issue of fidality, or of outcome metrics on the usefulness of a service specification?
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SOA Demo Team,

I have started writing into the SOA demo spec located here:


Please take a look at it and consider contributing along the lines we have discussed.  We should be able to develop a good deal of the specification on the Wiki – all you need do is register for the wiki and make updates.  If there are open questions or controversial parts please discuss it on the mail list prior to changing the spec.


We also need to start work on the technical considerations – registry and web service details.  Lets try and get “hello world” running very soon.



Cory Casanave


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