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Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 13:39:35 -0400
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The SOA-CoP conference is coming up soon and we need to plan what we will show and present with reference to the SOA Demo.  To this end I would like meetings of participants for the next 2 weeks.  Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their demo or demo plans at the conference and be part of the demo presentation.  As these are always hard to set up, I am going to suggest 4 times – please respond (you may just respond to me) as “Preferred”, “Possible” or “Impossible” for each. 


Possible times;

Tuesdays 11am EDT

Tuesdays 2 PM EDT

Thursdays 11am EDT

Thursdays 2pm EDT


In addition, we could have a combined physical/phone meeting at our Tysons Corner, VA Office – face to face is always more productive.  Please let me know if you would participate in person or by phone.


For the conference, please let me know if you will attending in person and would like to be part of the demo presentation.


We also plan on doing a rev of the spec for the “broker” scenario ( now, based on the input received, this would then be what we would use for an initial implementation.  Please forward any additional comments ASAP.



Cory Casanave



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