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Re: [soa-demo] SOA CoP Demo meeting

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From: Rex Brooks <rexb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 16:30:26 -0700
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Hi Cory,    (01)

Tuesday 2 pm EDT is best for me. Next Tuesday-Friday is the OASIS 
Symposium 2006. I am presenting Tuesday and have face to face 
meetings all week, so I won't be available either day or times. 
After next week, Thursday is also doable, either time, though 
afternoon is better.    (02)

Rex    (03)

>The SOA-CoP conference is coming up soon and we need to plan what we 
>will show and present with reference to the SOA Demo.  To this end I 
>would like meetings of participants for the next 2 weeks. 
>Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their demo or 
>demo plans at the conference and be part of the demo presentation. 
> As these are always hard to set up, I am going to suggest 4 times - 
>please respond (you may just respond to me) as "Preferred", 
>"Possible" or "Impossible" for each. 
>Possible times;
>Tuesdays 11am EDT
>Tuesdays 2 PM EDT
>Thursdays 11am EDT
>Thursdays 2pm EDT
>In addition, we could have a combined physical/phone meeting at our 
>Tysons Corner, VA Office - face to face is always more productive. 
>Please let me know if you would participate in person or by phone.
>For the conference, please let me know if you will attending in 
>person and would like to be part of the demo presentation.
>We also plan on doing a rev of the spec for the "broker" scenario 
>( now, based on the input 
>received, this would then be what we would use for an initial 
>implementation.  Please forward any additional comments ASAP.
>Cory Casanave
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