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RE: [soa-demo] SOA Demo - Mapping to DRM?

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Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 13:25:42 -0400
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Yes, Absolutely, Please!

We need some related items to present at the conference, I hope your RDM mapping will be part of that.  I will shortly be sending out another meeting notice so that we can coordinate what we are doing at the conference.

I was also intending to do another rev of the spec to introduce your prior comments as well as firm-up some areas and the associated WSDL.  The area with relatively little attention was the specification of the message data elements so perhaps this can be expanded along with the DRM mapping.  I expect the next rev to be a superset of the existing one so you should not loose anything if you want to start, it will also be great to have some other review of the message data.



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On a recent call, we discussed the notion of mapping the components of our SOA demo to the DRM (primarily the Data Sharing standardization area, with support from Data Description and Data Context). Is that still a need? It would not be very difficult to do, and I would be happy to do the mapping.


I can take the business spec at and map as many components as possible to the DRM 2.0 abstract model, and provide this mapping in some written form to this list (e-mail, Word doc, etc.). Would anyone support that?


If so, then we can include it as part of the demo at the upcoming conference, in the form of a few slides. We don't have to have a DRM product implementation to do this - though of course that would be the most impactful scenario.





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