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[ontac-forum] Type vs. Class - last chance to vote.

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Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2006 15:08:12 -0500
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In order to resolve a terminological question, we are in the process of
voting whether to use the term "Type" or "Class" to refer to those
intensionally-defined groupings called:    (01)

  Class in Ontolingua and Protege
  Class in RDF and OWL
  Class in SUMO
  Collection   in OpenCyc
  Universal    in DOLCE
  Property in Ontology Works' IODE system
  ---------------    (02)

The only contenders put forward are:
   Class    (03)

   if "type" then  the subsumption relation will be subtype
   if "class" then the subsumption relation will be subclass    (04)

 Thus far the preferences expressed have been:
   Type  10
   Class  4    (05)

I will tally the vote on Sunday night (Jan. 22nd).
If you have any preference and haven't yet voted, send me a note
directly:    (06)

    pcassidy@xxxxxxxxx    (07)

Pat    (08)

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