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Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 12:35:47 +0100
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You wrote:
(10) So where do we start?
>>> [Barry Smith]
> Can we start to work out what the terms of the taxonomy should > be. Just a few. perhaps, to get us going. And what the > corresponding axioms will be?
>>> [John Sowa}That would be a very useful exercise.
Hey, guys! Over here! What about the merged ontology I put up on our web site? :-(
If you think the TopLevel it is so utterly useless as to not be worth discussing, fine, but please say so and say why and propose an alternative. Should we start even smaller? The OWL version has a few instances in it that can serve to illustrate some elementary DL reasoning methods. I think we need to demonstrate inference at the earliest stage.
I *did* tell you that the TopLevel was rather useless to me, because the links often end in an error Editing Denied!. I did send you an HTML file with a graph and OWL listing (with definition and example) of the top level of 15926, and suggested to you to ask the other "bloodgroups" to make theirs available without having to plough through manuals or listings. Most of the entity types I see on your TopLevel seem to me very specialized and probably too low in their hierarchy.
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