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Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 01:15:18 -0500
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Barry,    (01)

I have always said that the core would contain some axioms,
certainly is-a for relating types.  But there are quite a
few more.    (02)

 > One might almost say that axioms expressing the 4D character
 > of spacetime should belong to the care. And similarly for the
 > axioms expressing the 3D character of space, and the 1D
 > character of time.    (03)

I agree.  Even if the core is underspecified with respect to
a 3D or 4D ontology, there are still many common axioms    (04)

  1. Locally, space and time are flat (i.e., for most
     purposes, the curvature, if any, is much less than
     experimental error).    (05)

  2. At a given instant of time, space is 3 dimensional.    (06)

  3. At a given place, time is linearly ordered.    (07)

In fact, the issues are similar to those that arise when laying
the foundations for your house:  you can assume the earth is
locally flat, but you wouldn't want to put a flat-earth axiom
into the core.    (08)

 > Can we start to work out what the terms of the taxonomy should
 > be. Just a few. perhaps, to get us going. And what the
 > corresponding axioms will be?    (09)

That would be a very useful exercise.    (010)

John    (011)

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