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[ontac-forum] List reply function and ONTAC-dev list

To: "ONTAC-WG General Discussion" <ontac-forum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: "Cassidy, Patrick J." <pcassidy@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 15:13:39 -0500
Message-id: <6ACD6742E291AF459206FFF2897764BE8158AE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
ONTACWG members --
  This is a reminder that the settings on the ONTAC-discussion list
send messages back to the list when the "reply" button is pressed.  To
send a reply only to the individual who sent a note to the list, please
remember to delete the ontac-forum address in the reply message, and
add in the address(es) of the individual(s) to whom you wish to reply.    (01)

  The technical discussions that do not reflect a consensus of the
discussants may be better moved to private communications among those
individuals who have a particular interest in those topics, or to the
ontac-dev list.   This would be appropriate for prolonged technical
discussions without rapid resolution.  I myself will want to be cc'd on
any discussion of technical issues.  Whenever new topics are being
discussed, or some consensus on any aspect of the technical issues is
reached, I imagine that many members of the general list would want to
be informed of that, via the general discussion list.     (02)

  There is a separate ONTAC list, the ontac-dev list, to which a number
of the ONTACWG members are subscribed, which might also be used for
technical discussions.  This has not been used to date.  If others
think that using the dev list (which is archived) would be better than
conducting technical discussions among a private e-mail list, let me
know.  If you haven't already subscribed to that list you can do so at:
    http://colab.cim3.net/mailman/listinfo/ontac-dev/    (03)

Pat    (04)

Patrick Cassidy
MITRE Corporation
260 Industrial Way
Eatontown, NJ 07724
Mail Stop: MNJE
Phone: 732-578-6340
Cell: 908-565-4053
Fax: 732-578-6012
Email: pcassidy@xxxxxxxxx    (05)

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