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[ontac-forum] WARNING! -- 'Reply' function changed

To: "ONTAC-WG General Discussion" <ontac-forum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: "Cassidy, Patrick J." <pcassidy@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 14:01:47 -0500
Message-id: <6ACD6742E291AF459206FFF2897764BE8158AD@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
ONTACWG members --
  The 'reply' function default for the ONTACWG general discussion list
has been changed from 'send to the list' to 'reply to the sender'.  If
this works as intended, pressing the 'reply' to an ONTAC-discussion
message will send the message back only to the sender of the message.
To send a message to the list, it will be necessary to press
'reply-all'.  This change is intended to avoid accidental unintentional
replies to the whole list when individuals want to reply to the sender
only.  If this proves to be an inconvenience, or members think the
'reply' should automatically be to the list, please send me a note and
if there is any significant feeling that replying to the list would be
a better default, we can discuss this and change it back if that is the
general preference.  I have only tested this with the Outlook mailer.    (01)

   I would like to be cc'd on any technical discussions.
   Otherwise, this provides a simpler mechanism to permit members to
choose whether a specific thread should be broadcast to the whole list
or directed to a smaller group that is likely to want to see that
thread.    (02)

  Pat    (03)

Patrick Cassidy
MITRE Corporation
260 Industrial Way
Eatontown, NJ 07724
Mail Stop: MNJE
Phone: 732-578-6340
Cell: 908-565-4053
Fax: 732-578-6012
Email: pcassidy@xxxxxxxxx    (04)

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