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Rick,    (01)

The type/token pairs, which were derived from Peirce's
writings, are part of a triad.  In various writings,
CSP had various names for the first, such as "tone",
which is best for acoustic signs.  I prefer his later
term "mark", which is more appropriate for visual signs.    (02)

Following is one of CSP's later remarks on the subject:    (03)

    For a "possible" Sign I have no better designation than
    a Tone, though I am considering replacing this by "Mark."
    ... An Actual sign I call a Token; a Necessitant Sign
    a Type." (Letter to Lady Welby, 1908)    (04)

See the last two section of vol. 2 of _The Essential Peirce_
-- Section 32 of letters to Lady Welby and Section 33 of
letters to William James.  These letters tend to be more
readable than some of his more formal writings.    (05)

John    (06)

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