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Date: Sun, 09 Oct 2005 15:18:34 -0400
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I am separating out this part of the thread.
I apologize if some of this is obvious.  It is often "hard to 
understand what is understood".    (01)

This is a suggested plan of work for the upper ontology subgroup    (02)

1       Collect suggested upper ontologies    (03)

2       Compare and determine differences
2.1             In elements (presence / absence and, more difficult, 
2.2             in relationships    (04)

3       Try to resolve differences, creating a superstructure that incorporates
         the non-contradictory parts of various schemes
3.1             By adding elements
3.2             By adding relationships    (05)

4       Articulate the remaining differences so that they are clearly 
understood    (06)

In addition, the subgroup should deal with ontologies that can be 
reused in many contexts, such as an ontology of time concepts.    (07)

My reworking of the WordNet top level (attached) may be useful in this context.    (08)

DS    (09)

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