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RE: [ontac-forum] Upper ontology / common semantic model

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As Olivier will confirm, there are many things wrong with the 
UMLS-SN, which is why an effort is currently on-going to rebuild it.
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At 06:30 PM 10/9/2005, Cassidy, Patrick J. wrote:
>    That looks like an excellent summary of a methodology to find
>commonality among the existing UOs.
>    I mentioned in a previous note that I though that it might be
>helpful to focus initially on that part of existing UOs required to
>formalize and relate several existing Knowledge Classifications such as
>the UMLS-SN, FEA-RMO top level, and DoD Core Taxonomy top level.  Do
>you view such a focus as consistent with the overall plan you describe?
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>I am separating out this part of the thread.
>I apologize if some of this is obvious.  It is often "hard to
>understand what is understood".
>This is a suggested plan of work for the upper ontology subgroup
>1       Collect suggested upper ontologies
>2       Compare and determine differences
>2.1             In elements (presence / absence and, more difficult,
>2.2             in relationships
>3       Try to resolve differences, creating a superstructure that
>          the non-contradictory parts of various schemes
>3.1             By adding elements
>3.2             By adding relationships
>4       Articulate the remaining differences so that they are clearly
>In addition, the subgroup should deal with ontologies that can be
>reused in many contexts, such as an ontology of time concepts.
>My reworking of the WordNet top level (attached) may be useful in this
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