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Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 23:29:21 -0400
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I think I was demonstrating how things that are the case (things 
considered relevant)  can be semantically mapped to and from an array of 
linguistic expressions representing such states-of-affairs; without an 
absolute definition in advance; how abstract categories can be used to 
organize semantically related vocabulary. This has absolutely nothing to 
do with the fact that language is judged to be arbitrary by modern 
linguists.    (01)

Unfortunately that post meant for Azmat went to the entire working group 
and I would be the first to apologize if I said anything to "offend 
modern sensibilities".  I do apologize to the group for such a long post 
detailed with such lengthy examples.  I promise to be more careful with 
my posting in the future.    (02)

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> KL>  You understand, here, that it is necessary for me to allow M. 
> Foucault to go on at such length about this because the whole notion 
> is so alien to our modern sensibilities.  This alien epistemology is 
> what you seem to have resurrected in your taxonomy of 18 distinct 
> semantic classifications.     (04)

Alien is a very strong characterization that does not square with the 
facts.  John Lawler and Richard Rhodes, both respected linguists, found 
that the phoneme br- represented discontinuity.    (05)

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> KL> Actually, I almost forgot, there are some contemporary folks who 
> share your belief that the shape and structure of written language 
> conceals some necessary and eternal truths:  <snip>    (07)

I looked through every word and I did not find anywhere in the post 
where I stated, insinuated or implied that I have a "belief that the 
shape and structure of written language conceals some necessary and 
eternal truths".  I would ask you to be so kind as to not attribute 
beliefs to me that I do not hold.  If this was your belief, your 
obvious  biases may be blinding you to what is actually the case.    (08)

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-Ken Ewell    (010)

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