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From: Rich Morin <rdm@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 14:50:52 -0800
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[ I recently posted the following to the CG list, where
  some of the ONTAC discussions have been spilling over.
  It sank like a stone there, but someone reading this
  thread might be interested, so...  -r ]    (01)

To: cg@xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: CG: PBI regarding ONTAC ontology partitioning, etc.    (02)

The recent spillover from the ONTAC forum has been quite interesting.
Assuming that JS is able to convince folks to partition the ontology
into a core and assorted modules, the next task will be to decide on
(and document) the specifics of the partitioning.  I have a partly-
baked idea (PBI) to suggest, along these lines.    (03)

The Issue-Based Information Systems (IBIS) approach    (04)

  http://www-iurd.ced.berkeley.edu/pub/WP-131.pdf    (05)

seems almost ideally suited to the kind of picky discussion that will
be needed for this partitioning.  Although special-purpose IBIS apps
have been written, it can also be facilitated by a Semantic Wiki:    (06)

  http://wiki.ontoworld.org/index.php/Semantic_Wiki_State_Of_The_Art    (07)

So, my PBI is that a semantic wiki be used, in an IBIS format,
to lay out:    (08)

  *  (sets of) definitions and axioms    (09)

  *  proposals for their placement (e.g., in the core, in a module)    (010)

  *  arguments for and against given proposals    (011)

  *  ...    (012)

The structure of IBIS (if followed :-) can dramatically reduce the
amount of duplication, repetition, and general confusion in this
sort of discussion.  Each definition, position, and argument has
a single place in the format, so it can be brought in by reference
(easy to do in a wiki) but doesn't need to be repeated ad nauseam.    (013)

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