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Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 13:41:07 +0100
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Dear All,
I joined your illustrious forum yesterday, so I am the ultimate newbie. May I introduce myself?
Name: Hans Teijgeler
Born: 6 July 1938
Nationality: Dutch
Work: During 38 years for Fluor Corporation (Engineering/Procurement/Construction contractors), mostly in IT, now retired
Standards work: Worked since 1992 on what is now ISO 15926 (together with Matthew West and Jan Sullivan)
Category: 4-dimensionalist
Interest: Integration of lifecycle information on industrial facilities
Recent work: Implementation of ISO 15926 in OWL (author of ISO 15926-7, together with Onno Paap of Fluor)
Plans related to ONTAC:
- Read through tons of discussion threads
- Be involved in discussions (from a practical/pragmatic side)
Kind regards,
Hans Teijgeler
ISO 15926 specialist
+31-72-509 2005

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