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Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 20:55:23 -0500
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However, you state yourself that there *is* a common ontology, which  
represents knowledge across multiple disciplines. Rather than focus  
on the differences, why not focus on the commonalities? Using the  
biochemistry/immunology example you proposed earlier, while the  
perspectives may be different the semantic representation of what  
both the biochemist and the immunobiologist is identical. In fact,  
this is one of the fundamental tenets of comparative biology.    (01)

It is possible to create a upper level ontology to categorize the  
world-- and even continuous variables can be made categorical by  
various types of binning strategies. We do this in biology all the  
time-- when a potentially new organism is found, it is compared to  
type specimens.    (02)

Best.    (03)

-Neil.    (04)

On 2005 Nov 26, at 16:15 EST, Paul S Prueitt wrote:    (05)

> I feel that the notion that John Sowa is talking about; some common  
> ontology
> core where there is no disagreement has to address the fact that  
> various
> groups have quite different and often contridictory ontological  
> commitments.    (06)

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