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[ontac-forum] Semantic Interoperability: Sowa's Collection of Modules

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Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 15:25:20 -0500
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It seems to me that the microtheory and context literature

on aligning ontologies is relevant to the discussion of

"module-specific" ontologies that are limited in scope to the

information flow along communication paths.”


Doug Lenat in his recent ONTOLOG discussion noted how  are many unstated assumptions and details to captured knowledge/rules.

While the rules are all in “one coherent small context, they are likely to make the same simplifying assumptions, and hence are likely to work together consistently.”  He used the example of a rule to handle rain.


“If it’s raining, carry an umbrella”

The following are assumed in this summary rule:


à         the performer is a human being,

à         the performer is sane,

à         the performer can carry an umbrella; thus:

                                    the performer is not a baby,

not unconscious, not dead,

à         the performer is going to go outdoors now/soon,

à         their actions permit them a free hand (e.g., not wheelbarrowing)

à         their actions wouldn’t be unduly hampered by it (e.g., marathon-running)

à         the wind outside is not too fierce (e.g., hurricane strength)

à         the time period of the action is after the invention of the umbrella

à         the culture is one that uses umbrellas as a rain- (not just sun-)protection device,

à         the performer has easy access to an umbrella; thus:                          

not too destitute, not someone who lives

where it practically never rains, etc…..



The point would be that two interoperating systems need to share the set of microtheories relevant to the situation.


Gary Berg-Cross


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