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[ontac-forum] A suggestion for ontological discussions at ONTAC meetings

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Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 08:50:26 -0500
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The round of topics exposed by the forum discussions since our first meeting have been interesting, but convergence is hard to judge.  To help converge towards a consensus based on a focused exploration of the issues  I wonder if we can set up a panel (or two) on the issues at the next ONTAC meeting.  If I recall right we will have Doug Lenat for a CYC briefing.  That might be an opportunity to ask him about hub versus John Sowa’s idea to:


Shift attention from the unsolvable problem
of building, merging, and coordinating global world views to
the task of developing an open-ended collection of modules
that can be selected, assembled, and tailored for particular
tasks or collections of tasks


But in addition to having some focused questions for Doug (and we must get Doug’s agreement and cooperation on this, we don’t want to surprise him in any unfair way),  a we might have a follow on panel with John, Barry, West and others who have well formed positions on this and a selected group of related topics such as the role of upper ontologies, lattices, standard vocabulary etc.  (if we can constrain this it might help get some consensus, however, we need to be as inclusive as the topic requires).






Gary Berg-Cross


Crystal City VA


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