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RE: [ontac-forum] Some thoughts on hub ontology and merging sources

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As Gary's communcaiton had issues in it that are of interest to me, I have repeated his note at:
I suggest that the reconcilation of intrepretation differences is the key to merging ontology, or even merely to have some level of interopreability between something like web services. 
Many of the advances that have been made, such as ONTOCLEAN analysis
 are true advances.  
My point of view is that human aggregation of memory and anticipation is invovled in human intrepretation.  The word "intrepretation" is grounded in what occurs when human make intrepretations.  The interpretation is, in the final instance, in real time... though depending on (what I term as ) categorical collapses involved in the formation and use of human language.
This point of view has lead me to develop a theory of mental event formation that involves an aggreagtion of parts into a whole that has some type of coherence (inherited from the electromagnetic, or more comletely a electromagnetic/quantum/metabolic, coherence in the physcial support of mental event formation).   This does not have to be regarded as esoteric, it is just the neuroscience that has been developed over the past few decades. 
I do not have to be right about everything, and the details are expressed (with references to other works) at
The point of raising this point of view at this time has to do with the problem of ontology management when the ontology is not layered, or stratified.
John Sowa has a theory of semantic primatives and thus I would expect that this notion of stratification is familar to him. 
I have had my share of formalism, and love many aspects of pure mathematics.  But the formalisms are not "stratified", except Quasi Axiomatic Theory
so the issue of parts to whole are not addressed as a necessary part of the act of interpretation.
(I hope someone will point out here that I missed something.)

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