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Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 08:47:22 -0500
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Patrick,    (01)

Why not simply allow this to run its natural course - as is common in CoP life
cycles?   If there is no interest in these ideas, people will simply not open
the messages and eventually Paul would stop posting.   On the other hand,
though, if people do find his ideas of interest - why would you want to stop the
discussion?  Isn't it up to the members of the CoP to decide what is and is not
of value to them?    (02)

If there are personal conflicts among some members, I would prefer that they not
be allowed to play out on the list.  Rather, are we not all better served by
letting the ideas be supported or negated through intellectual discourse and
critical examination?   Who can be harmed by critical evaluation?  If the ideas
continue to be posted, then let us discourse on the ideas and prove them
incorrect rather than to attack the person.    (03)

Best regards,
Denise    (04)

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