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Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 18:53:23 -0500
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You all are the subject matter experts here.  Most of what you are saying, I barely get.  I am in the WG because of my involvement in an Army project.  As I try to read all of this, though, his comments and responses are as valid as any others, so why would somebody want to silence him?
Dee K. Barnett CSM (R)
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Directorate of Doctrine
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Subject: [ontac-forum] Off-topic postings

In response to a note to him concerning the content of his postings, Paul Prueitt has requested that the members of the ONTACWG explicitly state whether they want to see more postings from him:
[PSP] I am happy to not make anymore posts if the majority of those in the working group who wish to vote will ask this of me.  So please vote - but do it publicly. 
Since we have over 100 members, some of whom have already expressed to me their wish that postings be fewer and adhere more closely to the purposes for which the working groups was created, it would produce less distracting email if the process were inverted -- those who **do** wish to receive more postings from Paul Prueitt (PSP), may send a note publicly to the list or, if you prefer not to contribute to excessive email for other members, you can send a note to both myself and to Paul Prueitt directly.  This question will remain open until Tuesday night, and I will post the result on Wednesday.
If fewer than 25 members express a desire to see additional postings from Paul Prueitt, I would suggest that those discussions be conducted via a direct e-mail list of interested individuals.  If 25 or more, the question will be presented as a formal vote for the entire group.
Any decisions I take can be reversed by a majority vote of the members of ONTACWG.

Patrick Cassidy
MITRE Corporation
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