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I appreciate this dialogue and have a few more questions for Amanda.  From a state DOT perspective, I'd like some clarification on what they are looking for from states, and in what format would we be contributing  information?   For example, there are climate change initiatives here at NYS DOT with descriptions/links on our public web site which would be easy to contribute, (although time is a precious resource when you have little or no support staff  to delegate to.  )  Is that the type of thing the RAC committee is looking for? 
We also have  internally produced written reports.  It sounds like those would be submitted for review  in electronic format, and, if accepted by the Committee on Climate Change, NTL would manage the meta data part of it. 
Do I have the right idea?  It sounds like a lot of effort but ultimately I think it would benefit our organizations. 
Thanks -
>>> Amanda.Wilson@xxxxxxx 9/30/2008 3:28 PM >>>
Dear Jennifer,

I will answer the questions I can:

The USDOT Climate Change Clearinghouse is only interested in climate change as it relates to transportation. There is an NCHRP project that is creating a separate clearinghouse of climate change information housed on the USDOT's climate change site, There will be a separate section of the site called "clearinghouse."

The clearinghouse is envisioned as a reference point for climate change information related to transportation. Links to full text will be included if the item is available freely on the web, but otherwise, bibliographic information will be provided. NTL will be hosting the clearinghouse database. Content is monitored by the USDOT Climate Change Committee. Items TKN members submit will be reviewed by the committee.

In the latest iteration of the clearinghouse that I've seen, content has been arranged by format (the items Jennifer listed, as well as policy and other legislative actions).

As part of the NCHRP project, an initial literature search of existing resources will be conducted to populate the clearinghouse. I think the date range is 2002-2008.

When I say, The TKNs would address things from their organizations/states that don't already appear or are included in some resource in the following list." I meant that if a clearinghouse item is in one of the resources I listed at the bottom of the previous page and is within the date range above, it's already covered and will be covered into the future as part of our maintenance. Therefore, there's one way to avoid duplication of effort.

Regarding the Task Force, a climate change portal was suggested as a project for TKNs. To avoid duplication of effort, the decision was made to piggy-back on the existing USDOT effort. Your questions about scope and expectations are good ones for the TKN Task Force.

Regarding whether the entire project is a duplication of effort: the wheel is already in motion for USDOT and NTL has been tasked with maintaining the clearinghouse.

Hope this helps,


From: Boteler, Jennifer [mailto:Jennifer.Boteler@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
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Cc: Wilson, Amanda <RITA>
Subject: RE: [etkn-forum] FW: Climate Change Project info


Thank you for forwarding this information from Amanda.

I realize you are only the messenger, but I am still quite unclear about the purpose, audience, and scope of the Climate Change Project. I'm copying Amanda this email so maybe she or someone from the AASHTO RAC Task Force on TKNs can provide some clarification.

Are they only interested in climate change information that relates to transportation (extreme weather effects on infrastructure, improved public transportation, fuel efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions) or all climate change related information (which would be a massive undertaking)?

Amanda uses the word "clearinghouse." What exactly does that mean? Will NTL be creating a separate collection/database of climate change documents similar to the NTL Digital Repository? Or will it be a web-based annotated bibliography of climate change related publications? If so, how will it be arranged? By format (journal articles, reports, websites) or by publisher or by state or by subject (which would affect how information would be collected and reported)?

When you say that the information would be featured at this site... <>   do you know where it will be featured-- under categories already listed in the left-hand frame or will there a new category? If so, what is the category?

When Amanda says, "The TKNs would address things from their organizations/states that don't already appear or are included in some resource in the following list." Already appear where? Has someone already done a comprehensive literature search or web search to identify climate change publications that we need to check against our state specific resources?

And what about overlap? If someone has already searched for resources from federal agencies and found publications published by them but in collaboration/cooperation with a state agency or organization, we'll have multiple people searching for and finding the same information. What is the search process the task force envisions us taking? Will we all be searching the same resources? If so, that's a duplication of effort we can ill afford.

Speaking of which, I'm wondering if this project isn't already a duplication of effort. I did a quick Google search for climate change or global warming and found tons of websites devoted to this topic, including those of organizations listed in Amanda's email. If the organizations have already compiled web pages devoted to climate change, what are we looking to do differently?

Federal - portal <


NOAA Climate Analysis Branch <

USDA Global Climate Change <

California - portal <

UN <


IPCC Links to government websites <

NGO/think tank/industry
NCSL < <

Pew Center on Global Climate Change <

Union of Concerned Scientists <

Sierra Club <

Environmental Defense Fund <

Climate Ark - portal <

Also, are there plans to include resources from Naysayers, such as <>  ?


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Subject: [etkn-forum] FW: Climate Change Project info

Dear ETKN Members-

At last Thursday's conference call we discussed the request by the AASHTO RAC Task Force on TKNs for our help (on a state by state basis) to find information on climate change and funnel it to the National Transportation library.

Ultimately, that information would be featured at this site, which is scheduled to be unveiled in January 2008: <>

When we last spoke, we discussed what we can do on a "volunteer" basis, and especially the fact that the scope of the project and the extent of the information needed was perhaps not as clear as it needed to be.

Amanda Wilson, director of the NTL, just sent me this, which starts to clarify the information need.

My question to you: Is this something you care to work on between now and January 2009?

Please feel free to respond to me on this listserv or off list.

I can relay your responses (not identities) to the appropriate parties for feedback.

They may not understand the full nature of what they are asking, but this gives you some insight into their thinking.

I am not advocating any specific course of action, but want to rely the request on to you as individual libraries for response.

Please see message below.  Kathy Szolomayer and John Cherney are chairs of the WTKN and MTKN, respectively.

Ken Winter, MLIS
Director of Library and Information Services VDOT Research Library 530 Edgemont Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903
Ph: (434) 293-1959 FAX: (434) 293-4196
Email: Ken.Winter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Intranet: http://rclibrary <http://rclibrary/

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To: Winter, Kenneth A.; john.cherney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; Marie.Manthe@xxxxxxxxx
Cc: SzolomK@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Climate Change Project info

Dear Ken, John, Marie,
I just sent this information to Kathy in response to an email. I wanted to forward on to you. This is some more detailed information about the climate change clearinghouse that NTL will be maintaining and will go live in January 2008.


From: Wilson, Amanda <RITA>
Sent: Mon 29-Sep-08 11:26
To: Szolomayer, Kathy
Subject: RE: ETKN Response to Climate Change Project

Dear Kathy,
The type of information we're looking for for each resource (if available and applicable) is as follows:


Author (R)

Publication Date (format: yyyy-mm-dd)

Report Number

Size (in KB or MB)

Format (pdf or html)


Category (report, website, article, etc.)


This clearinghouse is being developed as part of an NCHRP project that is run out of FHWA. Their timing to go live is TRB. So, I don't thing there will be anything up for public view (or private as far as I know) by mid-Oct. NTL will begin maintaining once it's gone live. Also, the scope of the clearinghouse listed below. The TKNs would address things from their organizations/states that don't already appear or are included in some resource in the following list.

Scope of Clearinghouse for USDOT:

Journals & publications

Include all peer reviewed journals

*       Transport Policy
*       Transportation Research under Elsevier (A-F)
*       TRB

        *       TCRP
        *       NCHRP
        *       TR News

*       TRIS database
*       Science
*       University Transportation Centers
*       Journal of American Planning Association
*       Climate Change
*       ENO

* <
< <


*       DOT publications
*       EPA
*       UN

        *       IPCC
        *       ICAO
        *       IMO

*       DOE
*       USDA
*       NSF
*       NOAA
*       CCSP
*       CCTP
*       European Commission
*       Canada

        *       NRCAN
        *       Environment Canada
        *       Transport Canada

*       Foreign Governments subject to review
*       Foreign transport providers subject to review
*       JITI
*       OECD
*       PIARC

NGO/think tank/industry

*        AASHTO

*        APTA

*        Environmental Defense

*        PEW

*        Center for Clean Air Policy

*        Resources for the Future

*        UIC

*        Union of Concerned Scientists

*        American Trucking Association

*        Air Transport Association

*        Brookings Institution

*        Urban Institute

*        Urban Land Institute

*        Smart Growth America

*        National Center for Smart Growth

*        Reconnecting America

*        Lincoln Institute for Land Use

*        World Resources Institute

*        UITP

*        Natural Resources Defense Council

*        American Petroleum Institute

*        Cato Institute

*        American Association of Railroads

*        EDTA

*        Edison Electric

*        EPRI

*        American road and transportation builders association

*        Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

*        AMPO

*        American Planning Assoc

Major Media Outlets (such as but not limited to)

*        New York Times

*        Washington Post

*        Wall Street Journal

*        Economist

*        Time

*        Newsweek

*        US News

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