Chapter 1: Theories Based Framework    (3XNH)

Mote et al. Research Evaluation    (3XNI)

Mote et al. Macro Indicators    (3XNJ)

Noell, J. - RDD in PART    (3XNX)

IST Evaluation and Monitoring - EC    (3XO5)

CESPRI - Networks of Innovation in Information Society    (3XO6)

CESPRI - Evaluation of ERA for IST    (3XO8)

Vonortas and Desai - 'Real Options' Framework to Assess Public Research Investments    (3XTM)

OECD Invitation Letter to Budgetary Challenges Seminar in Madrid    (3XTN)

OECD draft agenda for the Budgetary Challenges Seminar    (3XTO)