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Re: [sof-forum] Summary of Issues with The Statement of Financing

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Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2007 15:57:16 -0400
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All,    (01)

Since OMB A-136 has been officially published, will you be changing the
format of the Statement of Financing once it becomes a note (collapsing
lines within the three broad categories, consolidating lines split between
two sections; adding lines or removing nonexchange transactions that put
in on one line and then reversed)?    (02)

I'm very interested in what other federal agencies are doing.  I
appreciate your reply.    (03)

Thanks    (04)

Alice Rice, CPA
Financial Reporting and Analysis Directorate
Pentagon, RM 3D964
Email:  alice.rice@xxxxxxx
703-693-3618    (05)

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attached is an updated version of the issues we discussed at our WorkGroup
meeting yesterday. please let me know if you have any additional changes
or additions to the report.    (07)

Don Geiger
U.S. Department of the Treasury
Office of the Deputy Chief Financial Officer
Financial Systems Integration
Metropolitan Square - room 6222  (202) 622-0809
don.geiger@xxxxxxxxxxxx    (08)

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