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Re: [soa-demo] Request for LOB Web Application

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Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 13:00:07 -0400
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If you take a look at the spec and the diagram here:
The scenario involves 2 independent lines of business (payroll and finance) supporting a program with project costing information.
This shows the services we are supporting for the demo - we are looking for an application with a web front end that Kapow can wrap to play a part in this scenario.
If there is any application we can get access to it would certainly help show SOA.
-Cory Casanave

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Subject: [soa-demo] Request for LOB Web Application

We would like to get access to a web application running the LOB functionality on display in the SOA CoP demo.  This application may be used for the Mitre conference and would be used for the future of the SOA CoP demo.  We see that there is a lot of value in this demonstration and showing actual (or test bed) government LOB applications integrated into our demo would make the message of the demo pertinent to the governments’ daily life. 


Could anyone expose a LOB web application, preferably one used by the government that could generate or ingest a timesheet entry and/or a contractor invoice? 



Andy Lasko, PMP

Solutions Engineer

Kapow Technologies

cell: 571-239-1960



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