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what seems to be missing is a simulation of how the emergency response scenario plays out using some specific set of technologies.
One would expect that what Kinga is working on (for is an actual simulation of SOA in the context of things that do have a stable core and a fluid edge.  One would also expect that someone somewhere can run the "same experiment" but have different event structures. 
This second expectation is likely false because of the competitive nature of SOA technology and the gaming that goes on for contracts (ie competition hides successes in order to create competitive edges for contracts and a lot of energy is just wasted in this IT procurement model we have made into law). 
 But if I am incorrect, I hope that someone will show me the experimental write ups.  (To those who would criticize me, I am just showing the difference between how pure science would approach developing a SOA capability for the government and what is going on with the IT vendors). 
These simulations of SOA demos could be presented as if there was a scientific experiment and the results are written up.
Such a write up would make all of the underlying assumptions clearly visible, would discuss the successes and the limitations in a separate fashion.
Might this is done for each of the scenarios?
Does Rex Brook's scenario have a detailed write up of the Emergancy response scenario?
Paul S Prueitt
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Welcome to the group.  There were 2 demo scenarios presented last meeting, emergency response and a brokered supply chain.  It has been decided to create a new scenario which is only just forming, please see the meeting notes here:


Information on the prior rev of the demo is here;


We are looking for some domain expertise to flesh out the scenario and will be producing the spec over the next couple of weeks.




Cory Casanave


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I subscribed to the soa demo mailing list recently. I would like to participate in the demo effort. I am currently working on the research project which goal is to model the performance of Community of Interest and Enterprise Service Enabled Applications interacting via Service Oriented Architecture. The modeling that I am talking about is a modeling allowing dynamic simulations of the model. This model allows running different scenarios and evaluating different aspect of the modeled system in a dynamic way.


In order to model SOA based enterprise application we need a use case and the best corresponding implementation of the use case. The Emergency Response demo looked very interesting to me – it gives the opportunity to explore different aspects of SOA – the core of the SOA fabric where the system is static, nodes are always available, with high bandwidth and the edge where the nodes are mobile and disconnected periodically with the low bandwidth, different types of communications, data sharing etc.


I am a little confused about the demo scenario – during June Service Oriented Architecture for E-government Conference The Emergency Response scenario was presented – I do not see the continuation of this scenario. Were this scenario implemented and now the new one is in the pipeline?


It looks like Rex Brooks was involved in Emergency Response scenario – can you tell what the story with this scenario is – Do we have a description of the scenario somewhere?


Please let me know.




Kinga Dziembowski

Gestalt, LLC





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