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Re: [soa-demo] Call for expertise & input to SOA_Demo scenario

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Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 16:30:36 -0600
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What measures are made to make the credentialing standards and processes
inclusive of potential participants who might be otherwise excluded due to    (01)

1) continual changes in requirements for credentials
2) the degree of insider knowledge of how the "system works" to comply with
credentialing standards    (02)

As I have discussed before, in various forums; the continual changes in
requirement seems to be now a behavior that persists and has been
accommodated for by large incumbent vendors whose resources become dedicated
to "participating" (but who may not be competent to deliver - as exampled by
numbers cases).    (03)

I have also discussed the "second school" position that non-removeable
limitations in the application of logic, computer science and mathematics to
modeling social processes creates an ability to forever game the
credentialing standard - unless specific provisions are taken to address
both the insider knowledge and the continual changes problem.  I do not see
any awareness of the problem in the CIO Council's behavior - rather I see a
willing acceptance of additional steps to make our government a government
of people by business processes.    (04)

Why is this issue of gaming credentialing standards so critical to the
future functioning of government?    (05)

The insider knowledge of how the system works may consume so much resource
that the provable issue of competency to develop needed services become
secondary and even unachievable.  So we the People never get what we pay
for, which is reasonably competent government services.  The incumbent
business processes, however earn ever increasing profits.    (06)

Does the Homeland Security Presidential Director 12 deal specifically with
either of these clear system's theory exposable issues?  One may read the
documents and work product forever and never be able to see how or if this
issue is addressed.    (07)

Let us examine consequences....    (08)

Let us suppose that a credentialing standard is being gamed, and is extended
to NSF's award system, so that now only scientists who are well credentialed
in the system that is being gamed are allowed to receive awards.  What about
a gamed credentialing standard for employment?    (09)

How far are we from a voting system where credentialing is used to exclude
certain races of citizens, or perhaps woman voters.    (010)

Clearly B-2-B, G-2-G anyone to anyone transaction spaces need informational
transparency, and informational transparency would certain be one way to
avoid credentialing standards.    (011)

That is the alternative that is avoided by this Administration.  Information
transparency is the alternative to credential standards.    (012)

Remember, this President and this Administration will not be in power
forever.  These insider processes will be exposed for what they are, just
one more way to reduce competition from outside the group of incumbents.
When this time comes, we will see some new directives aimed a waste fraud
and abuse, I conjecture.    (013)

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HSPD-12 = Homeland Security Presidental Directive 12 =
The directive mandates a federal program to implement
a Government-wide identity credentialing capability.    (015)

If you want to learn more, you could look at It has a link to the
original directive and a variety of other information
about the initiatve. If you want to see the component
service specifications though, look at    (016)

--- Paul S Prueitt <psp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:    (017)

> please...  what does HSPD stand for
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> Corey,
> I have HSPD-12 expertise at the process-level. I
> work
> for George Thomas at GSA and we have done
> process-level EDOC/ECA models of HSPD-12. We are
> also
> considering doing a version in BPMN if there were an
> interest in that as a starting point.
> The HSPD-12 architecture working group (AWG) just
> published specs for some of the HSPD-12 service
> components for comment & review (see
> I can ask the AWG leader, Chris
> Louden (chris.louden@xxxxxxxxxxx), if they are
> interested in participating.
> Jonathan
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> --- Cory Casanave <cbc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
> > Yesterday we decided to focus the Line of Business
> > scenario on HR, Finance &
> > HSPD-12.  Lets get started.
> >
> >
> >
> > The first thing we have to do is get some handle
> on
> > reasonable business
> > services within this framework that would
> > interesting but not overly
> > challenging - this implies some knowledge of the
> > domain.  We have background
> > in the finance LOB, a little in HR and not much
> > specific to HSPD-12.
> > Perhaps we will all need to reach into our
> > organizations and get a couple of
> > people who can help us specify this scenario SOA.
> > Please respond with any
> > information that may be relevant or domain experts
> > we could bring in for the
> > design phase.
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Cory Casanave
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