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Update NoteRe: [soa-demo] SOA Demo Wiki Page

To: "[planning for soa-demo]" <soa-demo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: Rex Brooks <rexb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 06:20:05 -0700
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Hi Cory, Everyone,    (01)

I have encountered a rash of typical gremlins in the development of 
the Registry which sits at the heart of our pilot's effort vis a vis 
SOA in particular. I'm using the ebxmlrr3.0 on RedHat Enterprise 
Linux, hopefully using Oracle 10gR2 as the database, though I may 
just use the default Apache Derby for immediate demo purposes to 
gather the information I need to design the prototype development 
database to take advantage of the RDF Network Data Model within the 
registry. Regardless, I'm in the midst of a wealth of nuts and bolts 
right now, and I can't take the time immediately to outline the 
Pilot, so I have used the powerpoint summary I did for Cory last week 
and put that on the wiki page for our pilot as a part of the demo:    (02)    (03)

I will expand on it as I can.    (04)

Rex    (05)

At 12:33 PM -0400 4/21/06, Cory Casanave wrote:
>I have started to collect SOA demo information on a wiki page - 
>please take a look: 
>Please check your information and add relevant information as 
>required.  Rex - Please put in a section on your scenario.
>Cory Casanave
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