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Thanks Joe,

Agree we need to use our terms consistently and in-line with evolving industry use (figuring out and agreeing on what that is may be the challenge)


I looked over the Glossary of the Oasis-RM, there is good match but a bit of a theme difference in that the Oasis document is very focused on “a service” where we tend to be more focused on an architecture of a set of services in a community.

I would relate the Oasis-RM terms to the terms in the document as follows;


{SOA} Service 

[Oasis-RM] The means by which the needs of a consumer are brought together with the capabilities

 a provider. See Section 3.1.

[Demo] Corresponds to “Service Interaction” in the document

[Suggestion] Ok with “service” but would prefer a qualification to avoid confusion with the generic term and use in the FEA.  Perhaps we should use “SOA Service”.



{SOA} Service Interface

[Oasis-RM] The means by which the underlying capabilities of a service are accessed.

[Demo] Same


{SOA} Capability

[Oasis-RM] A real-world effect that a service provider is able to provide to a service consumer.

[Suggestion] A real world effect that an actor can provide to a community by playing a role in that community


{SOA} Role

[Oasis-RM] Not Specified

[Suggestion] The responsibilities and behavior of an actor in a community that is realized, in part, by providing and/or using services.  The role is specified in terms of responsibilities, capabilities and interactions.


{SOA} Community

[Suggestion] A collection of actors that collectively realize business value by providing and/or using services.  The community is specified by the purpose of the community and the roles various actors may play in realizing that purpose.  Note that a community can be very large or as small as 2 actors.



Other sources to be considered;

[RM-ODP] The basic concepts of RM-ODP Enterprise

language are object, role, community, objective, behavior and action. An

object is a model of an entity, either an entity of the system to be specified or

an entity of the system environment. Objects can be grouped to form a

community. In that case, they exhibit the behavior needed to realize the

objective of the community. By doing this, they fulfill roles of the

community since a role identifies a behavior. This is a set of actions with

constraints on when they appear. Actions can be interactions between

several objects or internal actions.  Objects can model people, organizations or systems.




Other comments on the Glossary (not currently in demo, but may be)

Behavior Model

[Oasis-RM] The characterization of (and responses to, and temporal dependencies between) the

actions on a service.


[Suggestion] The characterization of (and responses to, and temporal dependencies between) the

actions of an actor on or in response to a set of services



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As discussed on our call today, I am sending out this spec for our reference in terminology and other areas.




Joseph Chiusano


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