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[soa-forum] SOA Demo Concall Notes of 4/13/06

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From: "Cory Casanave" <cbc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 12:49:46 -0400
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These are some notes from the phone meeting on the SOA demo (Not really minutes).  If I missed anything or anyone, please make comments.


Attending the meeting;

-         Farrukh Najmi

-         Andrew S. Townley

-         Steve Carey

-         Chiusano Joseph

-         Chuck Mosure

-         Rex Brooks

-         Cory Casanave


Topic: Demo Spec Terminology

-         [joe] Pay careful attention to consistent use of terminology that is in keeping with common industry usage.

o       General discussion of terms, use of inputs such as Oasis-RM & FEA

o       Start to develop glossary with reference to authoritative sources [Action Item]

-         Overall consensus to move ahead with the proposed (broker) demo scenario

-         [rex] other scenarios can be used as well, such as the Emergency Alerting Demo

-         Technical artifacts (WSDL, BPEL, Etc) had yet to be reviewed – this is a group action item



Getting other participants involved;

-         [Steve] will be invited.

-         IBM, MS – Each of us will pursue our contacts (Joe – Kim Nelson)

-         Oracle - Cory


[joe] Demonstrating “Basic Tenants of SOA Methodology”

Demo should illustrate SOA methodologie(s) that are also documented or referenced on the demo web site.  Demo web site should grow to become a valuable reference on how to approach SOA.  General consensus on value – still to resolve authorship and editing issues.


Who is currently committed to participating?

-         Farrrukh [Sun] Registry implementation for Community

-         Joe[BAH] – Show use of DRM with respect to demo

-         Chuck [Metamatrix] – Show implementation of services connected to back-end Data 

-         Cory [DAT] – Show Business architecture to implementation using MDA


Action Items;

-         All – review/comment scenario WSDL/BPEL

-         All – extend invitations to participate

o       Meridio – steve

o       MS – Joe

o       Oracle – Cory

o       Others – as possible

-         Develop Glossary

-         More details for May Conference


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