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Re[2]: [ontac-forum] Semantics and Ontology and Semiotics

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From: Leonid Ototsky <leo@xxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 19:41:24 +0600
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Great ! It expressed in the Pragmatism as each person has his own
Umwelt. And it is not easy to find a "common understanding" .
See the "mid-range" part of my paper -
http://ototsky.mgn.ru/it/21abreast.htm    (01)

Leonid - http://ototsky.mgn.ru/it    (02)

Вы писали 29 мая 2006 г., 17:47:21:    (03)

> Folks,    (04)

> There is certainly room for disagreement on many issues,
> but let's focus the disagreement on the issues themselves
> and not make derogatory statements about anybody's character.    (05)

> Re criticisms of mode of expression:    (06)

> There are two fundamental points about criticism:    (07)

>   1. Any educated reader who says that a statement is unclear is
>      almost always right:  if they found it unclear, it's unclear.    (08)

>   2. But anyone who tries to clarify someone else's unclear
>      statement is almost always wrong:  if they found it unclear,
>      they're unlikely to find the intended meaning in it.    (09)

> Therefore, please accept any criticisms about something being
> unclear by rephrasing the statement in a different way.  But
> don't get angry over grammar.    (010)

> John Sowa    (011)

С уважением,
 Leonid                          mailto:leo@xxxxxx    (012)

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