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Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 09:00:07 -0700
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Azamat,    (01)

Many feel the same frustration as you do.  I have learned over my two
decades of pushing up against the (the word is hard to find here), that a
very clear appeal to an alternative is what has to be given.  One cannot win
using philosophical analysis and moral appeal.    (02)

I see that you and your group is working on an alternative, but like all
alternatives in this environment; we have to separately address the real
social/economic repression that comes, and the specification and building of
some sort of understanding .    (03)

I only hope that the government managers who read this forum wake up and
understand that the system of IT procurement, in the US, is what drives the
mismatch between what might be reasonable and what is clearly not
reasonable.  We (the American public through their taxes) spend money, many
Billions, in order to make the problems of data interoperability more
difficult.  This is widely talked about by Senators, but they do not know
what to do about this.    (04)

The waste of time by the W3C standards benefits those who do not know the
histories in cultural anthropology, linguistics, mathematics, etc.  What
they know, like Chris, is that he wants to promote himself and advance his
career from a G14 to a G15 - and unfortunately right now in history the way
one is advanced in government circles is to play games.    (05)

I have posted a communication from Judith Rosen at:    (06)

http://www.ontologystream.com/beads/nationalDebate/332.htm    (07)

and some comments at    (08)

http://www.ontologystream.com/beads/nationalDebate/333.htm    (09)

Paul Prueitt    (010)

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