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RE: [ontac-forum] Sowa's Collection of Modules

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Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 18:47:26 -0500
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How many modules?
I have recommended the experimental approach of formalizing the UMLS semantic network in each of the upper ontologies that are of interest to members of this WG, and comparing the ontology fragments that result from this exercise.  I don't believe that we will know exactly how many different logically incompatible theories we will need  to accommodate, nor how high up in the lattice they are, nor how far-reaching their incompatible logical consequences, until we have made an attempt to build a non-trivial portion of a merged upper ontology that includes all desired theories.  The UMLS-SN, with 130 classes and 54 semantic relations, seems to be a good segment of an ontology with which to test these questions.
I would suggest that the work on formalization of the UMLS-SN begin by an attempt to come to an agreement on the structure of the class hierarchy.  Formalization of the semantic relations will be the more important part, but testing the waters by examining the hierarchy should help us get  a feel for how the work can proceed.  I plan to put a version of the UMLS-SN in Protege (incomplete, but it has all the classes and relations) on our web site by late Monday.  I would like to get suggestions first from Olivier Bodenreider and Lowell Vizenor, but they have been out of contact the last few days.  There has been a lot of discussion and study of medical ontologies (some of it by Barry Smith), and of the UMLS-SN (e.g. http://ontology.buffalo.edu/medo/UMLS_SN.pdf), and we will  certainly want to take advantage of that prior work,  So anyone who has any documents that they feel we should take into consideration, please put pointers on the CosmoWG page [http://colab.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?CosmoWG], or send the documents themselves to me, and I will add them to the reference folder.  This Wiki page is embryonic; feel free to add relevant material or make suggestions for changes.
In parallel to this effort, we can also commence effort on formalization of the FEA-RMO and of the DoD Core Taxonomy with respect to one or more upper ontologies.  If there is only enough available effort to do this with respect to one upper ontology, then we will need to discuss which one to select.
I am sending a copy of this note to the individualized mailing list for the COSMO-WG, and the technical discussions will mostly proceed within that group.  The COSMO-WG is open, and anyone who wants to participate in the COSMO effort can send me a note.

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    Regarding John Sowa's suggestion of a collection of modules, I question if it is possible to achieve semantic interoperability with this approach, since we will certainly have n-squared modules?

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I also meant to endorse the following contribution from John Sowa at http://colab.cim3.net/forum/ontac-forum/2005-11/msg00033.html
"Recommendation:  Shift attention from the unsolvable problem
of building, merging, and coordinating global world views to
the task of developing an open-ended collection of modules
that can be selected, assembled, and tailored for particular
tasks or collections of tasks
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