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RE: [ontac-forum] ISO 15926 and BFO

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From: Barry Smith <phismith@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 09:14:20 +0100
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At 01:12 AM 11/20/2005, you wrote:
>let me just read the previous message and make some comments.
>Barry Smith:
>There is visibility, interaction, effect in the world of drosophila,
>for example. There they seem not to lead to service descriptions or policy.
>Paul S Prueitt:
>I am not sure how you feel about the OASIS draft (attached)
>Reference Model for Service Oriented Architectures....    (01)

I think the problem here is that there is a difference between an 
ontology and what is there called a reference model. If one asserts 
that 'visibility' or 'interaction' or 'effect' correspond to 
top-level nodes in an ontology, then everything which is asserted in 
the ontology to apply to the instances in reality which instantiate 
these nodes should apply to all instances of all their descendants. 
It clearly cannot, then, be asserted (e.g.) that 'visibility leads to 
service descriptions'. Such an assertion may be correct within a 
reference ontology, though even there I am suspicious. Does EVERY 
case of visibility, even in a specific web services environment, lead 
to service descriptions?    (02)

>Barry Smith:
>I doubt that policy, or service description, are atomic elements. Do
>you have a definition of 'atomic element'?
>Paul S Prueitt:
>The concept of a semantic primitive is not precise, but in some cases I
>would suggest that semantic primitives can be aggregated into a model of an
>event.  The model would then be in correspondence to the reality of the
>event, and the concepts - the set of concepts involved might be called an
>ontology, or better "an ontological model" of the event.    (03)

I think you would be helped a lot by clear definitions.    (04)

>In my reading of C S Peirce, he felt that a concept was like a chemical
>compound - it is formed from an aggregation of "atoms".  The key, in the
>opinion of those who think about this like I do, in understanding this event
>chemistry notion is to reflect on the real physical different between
>quantum reality and chemical reality.    (05)

Ontology of web services is not Nobel Prize winning stuff, I'm 
afraid. Indeed, I fear that, if we attempt to make top-level ontology 
solve problems such as the ones which interest you, then we will be 
here all day.
BS     (06)

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