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ISO 15926 is in fact a general purpose graphically mapped set of concepts.  This can be seen from:




Many of the qualities needed by the Basic Formal Ontology (as discussed at:




and elsewhere are available in the ISO 15926 set of concepts.


(by the way: the distinctions discussed in the JAIS pdf file:


universal and particular

continuant and occurrent

dependant and independent

formal and material


are very similar (*) to what I think of as Sowa's primitives.    Why is his work not referenced in the JAIS pdf file?   


            *This introduces the notion of general framework theory.)


The problem I see with the BFO (Basic Formal Ontology?s ?SPAN? and ?SNAP? sets of concepts) is that there is no function/structure distinction and thus the observed degeneracy involved in almost all emergence of aggregated structure (substructure) into wholes having properties that depend on the environmental "set of affordances"   There is no concept of ?affordance?, ?affinity?, ?path of least resistance? or ?intention?, and related concepts (as required by biological realities such as emergence of function from form). 


Or did I miss this?  Linguists call this function/structure degeneracy "double articulation"




The work at:




seems very complete and satisfactory.   Why is this not everything one needs to build loosely held ontology and to support web services?  My question here is "why has this not been enough to end the constant development of poorly developed (RDF/OWL) Protege ontology?"


What are the limiting constraints on Protege in particular?


Again, my claim is that a larger power has to step in to take control of the standardization (for the purpose of avoiding the obvious) processes (particularly by the W3C).  This is why the White House has to be the power...?

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