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[ontac-forum] Top Quadrant White Paper on FEA Reference Model Ontologies

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Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 13:11:28 -0700
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Continuing in an reading of the Top Quadrant white paper at    (01)

http://www.topquadrant.com/documents/TQFEARMO.pdf    (02)

3) one core fucus is in shared language used in querry, and thus I imagine a
web service that uses an semantic extraction or indexing service using
co-occurence of words and phrases.  I imagine that someone sees a sematnic
extract process (maybe called "an agent") as part of a web service.    (03)

Request of a web service registery or interface:  "Find me the names of
those talking about x or y".    (04)

Is anyone doing this?    (05)

Another web service might be "Use the Balanced Scorecard ontology to produce
judgements about who should be evaluated more completely for a new task."    (06)

One would imaging that a mediation (series of messages - each itself being a
request for servive or delivery of service) would occur conditioned on the
"nature of the new task", "the profile of individuals involved", etc.    (07)

4) I ask that everyone read section 2.2 Business Value of FEA RMO.    (08)

I note two things:  one is that Top Quadrant has always done an excellent
job at perceiving real reasons why one should move forward on Topic Maps or
ontology more generally.    (09)

The second thing is that the Top Quadrant philosophy is always human and
community centric, so that they are not hard AI in any respect.    (010)

5) Comment to Patrick:  The white paper says:    (011)

"We want to assert that it is highly unlikely that all the agencies will
ever standardize on a single system.  In fact, even within individual
agencies there are multiple tools for describing and managing
architectures, performing IT planning processes, measuring IT portfolios and
other related tasks.  This diversity is here to stay. "    (012)

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