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RE: [ontac-forum] Some thoughts on hub ontology and merging sources

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I discovered, modeled, and informally published them in the early 1980’s, and personally have been using them since then.  I informally published them on the Internet in 1994, at http://one-world-is.com.  This is the source for what I’m asserting as the “General Ontology” - it is good enough (as a hub/core/general ontology) to provide a general-use knowledge-base (i.e., from an endeavor’s framework (as an ontology) yielding a model/architecture) and provide the foundation for role-based-security and virtual applications for the subjects modeled within it.


When looking at the range of Ontologist-orientations present in this forum, I see two main axes of divergence.  I call one the “Utility” axis, which ranges from “Philosophy” on one end to “Pragmatic” on the other.  The other I call the ‘Correctness” axis, which ranges from “Purist/Final/100% correctness” on one end to “Sufficient/Practical/Workable correctness” on the other.  


The General Ontology I’m offering may not be philosophically pure, but it is practically sufficient.  I would submit that ONTAC is chartered to produce Pragmatic and Sufficient ontology/semantic/taxonomy solutions for SICoP and FEA/CIOC/AIC, and not get bogged down into the Analysis-Paralysis of ontology Philosophy and Purity.





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When did these "good enough" ontologies become available?


Paul Prueitt

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