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[ontac-forum] COSMO (upper model) Technical Kick off

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Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2005 21:19:54 -0400
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Hi folks;


This growing list of support is exciting!


I'm going to exercise the prerogative, which Pat assigned me as COSMO lead, to dispense with formalities and diving right into our business.   To that end, I’ve included a straw-person process for evolving toward a common semantic model.  This is meant strictly as a starting point for discussion.


The straw-person is an attempt to incorporate lessons learned from the Standard Upper Ontology (SUO) effort while offering:

·         short term usable results,

·         respect for and use of existing formal ontological artifacts, and

·         incremental sound formal results.


This approach, I think, includes the key elements that Dr. Sowa asked for in the SUO framework and provides a staging of effort and results that assumes modest amount of effort on our parts.  It also addresses Pat’s desire to be inclusive of the European efforts.


The suggesting steps are as follows:


1.    Choose an existing ontology as the initial embodiment of an ontology integration hub to which other ontologies will be mapped

a.    Agree on a set of metrics for selection of the ontology integration hub

                                                          i.      Metrics must be easily collectable

b.    Agree on candidates for the selection process

c.    Score candidate ontologies according to metrics – the high scoring upper ontology will become the initial ontology integration hub

2.    Release this ontology as-is as the initial COSMO ontology

3.    Address key short-falls of the hub ontology

a.    Maintain a prioritized list of issues

b.    Agree on resolution as time and interest dictate

4.    Map the structural axioms (ground atomic formulae) of the remaining candidate ontologies to the ontology integration hub

a.    This process proceeds opportunistically as our personal and project time allows

b.    Push out yearly major releases based on achievement of yearly goals

c.    This step runs concurrently with step three

5.    Map the remaining axioms of the remaining candidate ontologies to the ontology integration hub

a.    As desired, such free-form axioms can be added in steps three and four



Please excuse the roughness.  My other tasks beckon.


I look forward suggestions.





Eric Peterson

Chief Ontologist

McDonald Bradley Inc.

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