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It was great to be able to participate in today’s ETKN conference call, something I’ve not been able to do much recently due to a standing conflict with the scheduled time and many pressing demands.


I thought it might be a good idea for me to provide you with some information about “LIST” the TRB committee I chair, and which Sandy Brady, Lynn Matis and others of you have been involved in, both as friends and as members.  LIST stands for “Library and Information Science for Transportation.”  The committee is 12 years old and I believe it has greatly elevated the status of transportation libraries at TRB and within the research sector.


Here’s our scope: This committee serves as a forum for transportation librarians and the transportation research community on developments in information science and their applicability to transportation. The committee facilitates diffusion of national library and information science innovations throughout the transportation community by monitoring the use of new resources and tools in the transportation arena, defining critical research and training issues relating to their implementation, and promoting the benefits of these capabilities.


You can find more complete information here:


More on getting involved with Standing Committees is here: including this member’s guide which goes into detail:


I’m attaching the minutes from our last meeting, at the TRB Annual meeting in January as well.  There was great energy in that room and I was really excited by the brainstorming that went on.


I expect we will have a conference call in March and if any of you are interested in sitting in as “lurkers” please get in touch with me.




Ken Winter, MLIS
Director of Library and Information Services
VDOT Research Library

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Ph: 434-962-8979 | E-mail: Ken.Winter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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