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Thanks Patricia and welcome to ETKN!


I’m not sure what the cost is, but I’ve monitored the rise of LibGuides across academic libraries for a couple years.  I really have gained a lot from using them.


These days I almost don’t know of any University libraries that don’t use them. J


LibGuides are EXACTLY the kind of thing that transportation librarians could be using to help the transportation research community.


Perhaps this is something the NTKN/NTL would care to sponsor?


I suspect it would be affordable.


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Thank you all for your warm welcome. 


Here is an example of the LibGuide I mentioned – An example of a resource that can be used to create nice web pages quickly --  as we were speaking, I uploaded the pdf you sent out with the agenda.


The service we purchase this product from is:  They have other products that might be more appropriate for your environments and apparently (I haven’t done it yet) you can tweet when you publish or update a guide.





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