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Hello all,
I incorporated the information we talked about in our July 24th conference call in the attached form. Remember, this is technically a listing of ETKN member libraries with profiles more robust than what is included in the Directory of Transportation Libraries. We can talk about adding additional information regarding special collections, such as series titles in the future when NTL has implemented SharePoint.
Following are some instructions from my 12/05/07 email and some additional pointers.

After everyone fills out the form, I will enter the information in an Access database; run reports; convert the Access reports to Word documents and then post on the wiki file sharing space. Again, we're keeping it simple until NTL gets SharePoint and we can collectively use a database.

For the collection information, enter as little or as much as you like. If you need examples of how other libraries have filled out these fields, see the Directory of Transportation Libraries or MTKN

As suggested in Collection Description you can describe your collection in terms of formats and number of volumes. For example, see some of the MTKN library profiles, such as MN DOT (Books: 18,000, Serials: 300, Microform: 30,000, Other: 1,000 videotapes, 300 CD-ROMs) or you can have a more descriptive entry such as FHWA (see attached). 

I've added prompts in italics or in parentheses to help you in formulating possible responses. However, you do not have to answer those questions (prompts). Do not feel obligated to enter something in every field. 

For subject expertise, it should be subjects that may come-up in the course of our work, but not necessarily transportation related. This is pretty wide open and you might want to think about your undergraduate degree or other subject specific libraries you have worked in.

With all of the scientific and technical laboratories we support here at Turner-Fairbank, I'd personally be interested in someone with knowledge of chemistry, physics, materials science, geology, electronics/electrical engineering, etc. With our human factors lab I often delve into the medical literature (any previous medical librarians out there?!). I'm been both a law and legislative librarian and find it handy when I'm asked for legislative histories of federal transportation legislation. With the recent 50th Anniversary of the Interstate System, library staff with a history background were helpful.

If you're library is mode specific, it's probably worth listing that, i.e. aviation, transit, etc.

For software expertise, please do not just list MicroSoft Office. I'm discovering this is a catch-all phrase and what is contained in MS Office depends on the year, operating system, and type (Home, Business, Student). So list the applications separately and only if you have more than a basic knowledge.

Please fill-out, save, and send back to me jennifer.boteler@xxxxxxxxxxxx the attached document (ETKN Library profiles.doc). I've also attached a sample form I filled-out for FHWA.

Questions? Please let me know.  --Jennifer

Jennifer Boteler, Supervisory/Reference Librarian
Federal Highway Administration Research Library
Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center
6300 Georgetown Pike
McLean, VA 22101-2296
Ph. 202-493-3071
Fax 202-493-3495






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