Meeting Details for July 6, 2005 Teleconference    (2T8G)

Preparation for the meeting:    (2T8U)

Please take a few minutes to review the minutes from our last meeting.    (2T8V)

Ongoing Actions:    (2T8W)
  1. GEA COP WG participants should immediately go here and establish an account on WIKI.    (2T8X)
  2. The group is to identify an administrator to represent the interests of the GeoSpatialCommunityofPractice    (2T8Y)
  3. The group is to consider the measures of success and related target goals for this effort. How do we know if/when we have succeeded?    (2T8Z)

Minutes    (2TBX)

Attendees:    (2TBY)
Meeting started at 10:04    (2TC7)
Background and Status    (2TC8)

Brenda went over background. Good session last week. Accomplished a profile outline, following the security and privacy profile with input from records management outline.    (2TC9)

AIC has reviewed and approved it with some minor changes.    (2TCA)

ACTION: Kurt to post new charter. Done, it is here.    (2TCB)

Scenario and Use Case    (2TCC)

Scenario chosen as emergency management / response at June 29 meeting. Eliot warned about using proper nouns such as ICS, NIMS, and NRP. Brenda reiterated the positive feedback that she was hearing from the community.    (2TCD)

Models and model outputs came up and we decided to focus on the outputs and strongly encouraging that EA's should focus on providing documented (with metadata) model outputs in standards formats or in standard formats within their agencies. Clarify that these outputs fall under OMB Circular A-16 guidance.    (2TCE)

Profile Outline and Working Groups    (2TCF)

Moved onto the outline. General agreement and concurrance was given by those not at the meeting on 6/29. We discsussed the progress of the BRM/PRM group and noted their meeting on 7/7. We discussed an approach to the FEA DRM group and decided to request a meeting with representatives from that group so that we could coordinate in our thinking and get down to the "brass tacks" of working together.    (2TCG)

ACTION: Brenda to call MikeDaconta and request a meeting for 7/13 in the PM.    (2TCH)

ACTION: Kurt to draft a briefing for the meeting.    (2TCI)

Meeting adjourned at 10:50    (2TCJ)